Computer Repair
No Fix – No Fee Guarantee


We find that most people in Epsom and Ewell are honest and upfront with us, so it’s important to My Tech Man that we are honest and upfront with our customers.

 In the event that we do not possess the necessary knowledge to fix a problem, and that the item is not beyond economic repair (see below), no fee is charged for that service. It’s that simple.

Q. What if you, the customer, prefer not to proceed?

 A. If a problem has been diagnosed and a solution offered, but you choose not to proceed with your computer repair then we feel it’s only fair for us to charge for the time spent on site up to that point.


Q. What happens when you, the customer, “can’t find” or “doesn’t have”?

A. If we are unable to resolve the problem because you cannot provide us with the appropriate software, software license, serial numbers, passwords or installation disks you will be charged for the time spent on site up to that point.


Q. What happens when a problem is caused by a 3rd Party?

A. If you are having problems with your internet connection, we will test your equipment and line but where we are able to diagnose a fault that is due to the failings of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) you will again be charged for the time spent on site, but only up to that point, regardless of whether the ISP accepts responsibility for the fault.

We will however be happy to talk to your ISP at a technical level to demonstrate the problem to them in terms they understand, which will usually result in a quicker resolution of the problem for you.

Top Quality Service

If you want it, we will always advise you of costs at every stage of your computer repair and allow you to make decisions with regard to how we proceed.

If in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your computer repair at any point please do discuss this with us and we shall endeavour to correct any problems you are having. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care.

We are proud of our computer repair business and the level of service we provide and we know you will be happy with it also.

Get in contact today and get your technology issue resolved with peace of mind. It’s quite simple, if none of the above conditions are met and we cannot repair your computer you won’t pay a thing.

          Peace of Mind